Canterbury, Kent, England, UK



The church was destroyed in a bombing raid on 1 Jun 1942. Only the tower and clock remain.

City : Latitude: 51.28023, Longitude: 1.07891


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carey, Emily Elaine  16 Mar 1916Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16964
2 Hart, Helen May  29 Dec 1902Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17268
3 Marsh, James George  Abt 1848Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I39234
4 Pellew, Henry Edward  26 Apr 1828Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I68634
5 Pillow, Caroline Edith  Abt 1853Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16765
6 Pillow, Edward J.  Abt 1841Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I29536
7 Sackett, Alice Edith Mary  1921Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16971
8 Sackett, Ernest Henry  Jul 1874Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16743
9 Sackett, Herbert George  4 Jun 1910Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16966
10 Sackett, Ivy Florence Ann  11 Apr 1907Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I57121
11 Sackett, John Henry  8 Oct 1919Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16970
12 Sackett, Percy  1877Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16744
13 Sackett, Percy Albert  12 Aug 1915Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16969
14 Sackett, Robert William  1908Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16963
15 Sackett, Thomas Ernest  16 Sep 1912Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16968
16 Sackett, William James  28 Sep 1911Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16967
17 Simms, Harry Cyril  19 May 1919Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I53320
18 Simms, James A.  1918Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I53319
19 Simms, Violet M.  2 Jan 1916Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I53318
20 ___, Ellen S.  Abt 1845Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I29537


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sackett, Herbert  1 May 1881Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16748
2 Sackett, Herbert George  17 Jul 1910Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16966
3 Sackett, Ivy Florence Ann  22 Dec 1908Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I57121
4 Sackett, Percy  7 Jan 1877Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16744
5 Sackett, Percy Ernest  1 Feb 1907Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16962
6 Sackett, Robert William  22 Dec 1908Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16963
7 Sackett, Thomas Ernest  1 Dec 1912Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16968


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Mary Jane  1953Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16965
2 Carey, Emily Elaine  1979Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16964
3 Clifford, Mabel Evelyn  1992Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17231
4 Gammon, Leslie C.  1955Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17178
5 Lewis, Patience  1980Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17225
6 Sackett, Alice Edith Mary  1940Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16971
7 Sackett, Dulcie Ellen  1949Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17175
8 Sackett, Herbert  1963Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16748
9 Sackett, Herbert Leonard  Oct 1984Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17008
10 Sackett, Jessie Gertrude  1894Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16747
11 Sackett, John Henry  1982Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16970
12 Sackett, Leslie John  Apr 1996Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I55217
13 Sackett, Percy  1910Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16744
14 Sackett, Percy Ernest  1979Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16962
15 Sackett, Robert William  1964Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16963
16 Sackett, Thomas  1859Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16629
17 Sackett, Thomas Ernest  Nov 1993Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16968
18 Sackett, William  1918Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16580
19 Sackett, William James  Jun 2000Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16967
20 Simmons, Ethel Louisa  1926Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16957
21 Simmons, Herbert G.  1913Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I16956
22 Simms, James A.  1918Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I53319
23 Smith, Bertha Florence Fraser  Dec 1988Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I17228


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Sackett, John  Sep 1529Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I57412
2 Sackett, Thomas  2 Jun 1596Canterbury, Kent, England, UK I4703


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bromley / Sackett  3 Apr 1665Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F23530
2 Ovenden / Sackett  27 May 1729Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6294
3 Sackett / Andrews  1950Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6633
4 Sackett / Brown  1 Jun 1669Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F2022
5 Sackett / Clifford  1942Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6635
6 Sackett / Hoare  20 Dec 1903Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6539
7 Sackett / Lewis  15 Mar 1927Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6628
8 Sackett / Paine  Oct 1902Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6538
9 Sackett / Stacey  1938Canterbury, Kent, England, UK F6634
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