What's New (past 30 days)

Significant Changes for August 2019

  1. Updated information for the descendants of Pliny Sacket (#2464) and Nancy Bartlett, especially Israel B., Isaac, Maryette, and Chauncey Sacket.
  2. Updated information for Hiram Goodrich (husband of Maryette Sackett-#2471) and his children. Of note is the removal of Peter Gibb [originally entered as Peter Gibb Goodrich-#26782] as a child of Hiram and Maryette.
  3. Updated information for Mary Jane Hovey (#2943), Mary J. Sacket (#2944), James A. Hopkins (#2945) and his parents, and Orville Augustus Hopkins (#2948).
  4. Added marriage information and obituary for Milton Carter Sackett (#40123) and added his child (name and gender unknown); added his widow's second spouse.
  5. Added the spouse, children, and descendants of Clement Clarke Moore (#6462).
  6. Added U.S. Congressman James Lent (1782-1833) as a son of Abraham Lent and Dientie Lawrence (#7153).
  7. Added more than 100 descendants of Patience Sackett (#7677) and John Lawrence, based on Historical genealogy of the Lawrence family : from their first landing

    in this country, 1635 to the present date, July 4th, 1858, by Thomas

    Lawrence (E. O. Jenkins, publisher).

  8. Continued the process of searching for those born in about 1917, 1918, and

    1919 for which we have no death date entered. Updated so far:  Veronica Hildegard Grimes (#23023), Dorothy Maxine Sackett (#15760), Russell Milton Sackett (#52835), Wilbur James Sackett (#28034), Jack Eugene Tilton (#53635), Ruth N. Tilton (#53634), Theda J. Watson (#36155), Norman James Williams (#52535), & Mac Bernard Young (#32842).

  9. Added death information for Robert James Wise (#20322), Glen Wilbur Wise (#20323), Roy Edwin Wise (#20324), and Hazel Dugger (#20340).
  10. Updated information for Chauncey Sackett Upright (#396), his family and descendants.
  11. Corrected and added information for Abigail Bigelow (#5542).
  12. Corrected the name of Herbert Ketchum Bigelow (#5541).
  13. Corrected the name of Robert Henry Schulze (#13032) and those of his children.
  14. Updated information for George Wesley Scoles (#10282) and his wife.
  15. Updated information for Alvin Roy Scoles (#10178) and his wife.
  16. Corrected the name of Alvin Junior Scoles (#10284) and updated information for him and his wife; corrected his wife's surname.
  17. Added information for Raymond Dale Scoles (#10281), Berman Merrill Scoles (#10279, Harry Lewis Scoles (#10280), and their spouses.
  18. Updated information for Grace Annette Sackett (#15749), Ellis Lawrence Sackett (#15754), and Richard George Sackett (#15764).
  19. Added death date for Dwight Putman Sackett Sr. (#18228).
Significant Changes for September 2019
  1. Updated information for the children of Hattie Lena Sackett (#21103) and added their descendants.
  2. Updated information for Orville Francis Sackett (#28027) and added his wife and children.
  3. Updated birth and added death information for Margaret Bowers (#18267), wife of Francis Marion Sackett.
  4. Updated information for Emma J. Sackett (#18272) and added her children.
  5. Added death information for Adelbert Oscar Upright (#401) and his wife.
  6. Continued the process of searching for those born in about 1917, 1918, and

    1919 for which we have no death date entered. Updated so far: Laura Marie Belt (#11625), Francis Coleman Cornish (#42252), Merlin Lloyd Cornish (#42253), Katheryn Alice Crabbs (#49495), Jeanne Doris Cramer (#20350), Denver James Cramer (#32272), Hazel Edith Deveraux (#13591), John Edward Frost (#45833 ), Katrina Joy Hume (#9328), Janet Abbott Judd (#43738), Olga Mary Sacket (#40096), Archibald Albert B. Sackett (#17256), Arthur Douglas Verdun Sackett (#17170), Daniel / Donald Sackett (#46847), Madeline M. Sherman (#36338), Fern Elizabeth Slater (#28359), and Perry Lynn Zodle (#27019).

  7. Updated information for Bertha Olive McMillan (#28314), Gladys Mary Slater (#28358), and Charles Martin Slater (#28356).
  8. Updated information for Sarah Margaret Watson (#11595) and her family.
  9. Updated information for Claire Abbott Judd (#43737) and added her family.
  10. Updated information for the family and added descendants of Samuel Sackett (#16277) and Elizabeth Ann Watts, using data from SackettFamily.info.
  11. Updated information for the family of Joel Cross Sherman Jr. (#36333).
  12. Added death and burial information for Edwin Ross Cornish Sr. (#20769).
  13. Updated information on Rosa E. Johnson (#20288) and several of her children and descendants.
  14. Added a second spouse and child of Edna Mae Sackett (#13581).
  15. Added a spouse and children for Isabella Sackett (#11649).
  16. Updated information for Morgan Sackett (#9194), his wife, and his son Leon.
  17. Updated information for the children of Sadie Newton (#26245) and Carl Zodle.
  18. Updated information for Harry Lee Sackett (#36460), adding his wife and descendants.
  19. Updated information for Herbert Dale Sackett (#36462), adding his wives and children.
  20. Added death and burial information for Sarah Jane Rising (#30426).
  21. Added children and descendants of Lydia Noble (#60).
  22. Added children and first wife of Bennett Bates (#14661).
  23. Added husband and children of Esther Alling (#33070).
  24. Updated information for Gladys Leola Gates (#36608) and her husbands.


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Naomi Jean Sackett (1925-2017)
Naomi Jean Sackett (1925-2017)
Obituary photo from http://www.custerchristiansen.com/memsol.cgi?user_id=1985318 
  13 Sep 2019
Linwood Abbott Chapman (1936-2015) and Mary Arlene Thorp (1939-2017)
Linwood Abbott Chapman (1936-2015) and Mary Arlene Thorp (1939-2017)
From the Los Angeles Times, 18 Sep 1965, part II, page 3: Article title "Mysterious land shift damages houses." The article identifies Chapman as a contractor who, with his wife Mary, own a damaged home at 1070 Redding Ave., Costa Mesa, California. 
  5 Sep 2019
Kenneth Edward Lyston, 1933
Kenneth Edward Lyston, 1933
Newspapers.com (Reliability: 3), 1 Sep 2019.
The St. Louis Star and Times (St. Louis, Missouri), 23 Feb 1933, page 1

Swallows a Nail

Kenneth Edward Lyston, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lyston, 5828 Cote Brilliante avenue, swallows a nail an inch long last night while playing in the kitchen. He apparently is suffering no ill… 
  1 Sep 2019
John Grant Haviland II (1908-1986)
John Grant Haviland II (1908-1986)
1925 Glen Falls High School (Glen Falls, New York) yearbook photo 
  25 Aug 2019
At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
  23 Aug 2019


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Shafer, Glen Arthur 
   21 Sep 2019
Merrill, Dorothy 
b. 14 Feb 1926   21 Sep 2019
Merrill, William Henry IV 
b. 23 Dec 1924   21 Sep 2019
Beecher, Julia Martha 
b. 1 Mar 1843  Roxbury, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA  20 Sep 2019
Verschueren, Alfonse Gus 
b. 1933   20 Sep 2019
Merrill, Margaret Louise 
b. 22 Aug 1931   20 Sep 2019
Merrill, Robert Stewart 
b. 12 May 1927   20 Sep 2019
Lidik, Josephine 
b. 23 Mar 1901   20 Sep 2019
Merrill, William Henry III 
b. 1899  Cook County, Illinois, USA  20 Sep 2019
Gay, Robert James 
   20 Sep 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I55989  Living  I55984  Living    21 Sep 2019
 I55981  Shafer, Glen Arthur  I55974  Merrill, Dorothy    21 Sep 2019
 I55968  Merrill, William Henry III  I55969  Lidik, Josephine    21 Sep 2019
 I55977  Verschueren, Alfonse Gus  I55976  Merrill, Margaret Louise    20 Sep 2019
 I55973  Gay, Robert James  I55960  Henderson, Bessie A.    20 Sep 2019
 I55972  Cady, Asa  I55967  Burr, Ann Maria    20 Sep 2019
 I55971  Henderson, Charles M.        20 Sep 2019
 I55958  Merrill, William Henry II  I55960  Henderson, Bessie A.  9 Feb 1898  20 Sep 2019
 I55966  Merrill, Eli  I55967  Burr, Ann Maria    20 Sep 2019
 I55957  Merrill, Charles Judd  I55959  ___, ___    20 Sep 2019

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