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Excerpts from The Trowbridge genealogy. History of the Trowbridge family in America, Francis Bacon Trowbridge, (New Haven, Conn., Printed for the compiler [Press of the Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor company], 1908).

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Owner of originalTed Smith
Date8 Jun 2022
File nameExcerpts from The Trowbridge genealogy.pdf
File Size141.7k
Linked toMorse, Harleigh; Morse, Pruella Jane; Morse, Samuel; Norton, Jane; O'Cain, Alvira; O'Cain, Nicholas; Oleson, Christiana; Oliver, Eliza; Palmer, Anna Delight; Pryor, Helen Mabel; Pryor, Joseph Francis; Race, Eva; Reynolds, Angeline; Sacket, Adner; Sacket, Joel; Sacket, Lydia; Sacket, Olive; Seyforth, Frederick; Seyforth, Maggie; Shea, Helen Lenore; Sheldon, Abigail; Sherman, Mary Jane; Shipman, Edwin; Shipman, William; Sibley, Henry; Sumner, Mehitable; Swan, Charlotte Elizabeth; Thames, Alma; Thames, Nelson Stephen; Thames, Olive Cornelia; Thompson, Sarah Jane; Trowbridge, Achsa Cecillia; Trowbridge, Adner S.; Trowbridge, Ai Henry; Trowbridge, Albert Alpheus; Trowbridge, Alice Almira; Trowbridge, Alice Evangeline; Trowbridge, Alpheus Marshall; Trowbridge, Benjamin James; Trowbridge, Benjamin James; Trowbridge, Bertha; Trowbridge, Bertha Christiana; Trowbridge, Beulah May; Trowbridge, Blanche Josephene; Trowbridge, Carrissa Ann; Trowbridge, Charles Darius; Trowbridge, Charles Frederick; Trowbridge, Charles Hersey; Trowbridge, Charles Lester; Trowbridge, Clara Eliza ['More Links']

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