Wisconsin, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 44.647, Longitude: -89.908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Edwin S.  3 Apr 1860Wisconsin, USA I28895 Sackett 
2 Barnett, Fred  1862Wisconsin, USA I12858 Sackett 
3 Barnett, Grace A.  Dec 1868Wisconsin, USA I13115 Sackett 
4 Barrand, John W.  1863Wisconsin, USA I26474 Sackett 
5 Beach, Emma  1852Wisconsin, USA I28369 Sackett 
6 Berg, Ed  Mar 1861Wisconsin, USA I9090 Sackett 
7 Berg, Mildred Blanche  1910Wisconsin, USA I31496 Sackett 
8 Best, Charles A.  Abt 1876Wisconsin, USA I45571 Sackett 
9 Best, Glenn G.  Abt 1915Wisconsin, USA I45580 Sackett 
10 Betz, Norma  Abt 1910Wisconsin, USA I57348 Sackett 
11 Bissing, Harold Peter  12 Mar 1921Wisconsin, USA I49470 Sackett 
12 Bosivert, Lena E.  14 May 1886Wisconsin, USA I59588 Sackett 
13 Bowerman, Stephen Emerson  1855Wisconsin, USA I41452 Sackett 
14 Brisbin, Effie  8 Nov 1888Wisconsin, USA I29167 Sackett 
15 Brown, Harriet  Oct 1860Wisconsin, USA I23134 Sackett 
16 Brown, Mildred D.  15 Dec 1890Wisconsin, USA I26724 Sackett 
17 Brussow, Ruth Ellen  28 Aug1902Wisconsin, USA I21535 Sackett 
18 Canfield, Alice B.  7 Aug 1887Wisconsin, USA I25433 Sackett 
19 Canfield, Lillian  Abt 1874Wisconsin, USA I25345 Sackett 
20 Canfield, Ray D.  Jul 1893Wisconsin, USA I25112 Sackett 
21 Catauch, Abigail Jean  1866Wisconsin, USA I1558 Sackett 
22 Chapman, Mary Caroline  22 May 1853Wisconsin, USA I1810 Sackett 
23 Church, Henry H.  Jul 1857Wisconsin, USA I32662 Sackett 
24 Cole, Karl Frederick  28 Mar 1859Wisconsin, USA I35735 Sackett 
25 Collins, Mary  Apr 1866Wisconsin, USA I39408 Sackett 
26 Cone, Ella  Abt 1857Wisconsin, USA I51808 Sackett 
27 Cone, Maybel  11 Mar 1877Wisconsin, USA I61580 Sackett 
28 Cone, William  Abt 1870Wisconsin, USA I89382 Sackett 
29 Cornish, Monroe  Abt 1847Wisconsin, USA I41640 Sackett 
30 Cornish Gleason, Elizabeth  Feb 1844Wisconsin, USA I41638 Sackett 
31 Crandell, Perry E.  1906Wisconsin, USA I34201 Sackett 
32 Crocker, Walter Clinton  Oct 1868Wisconsin, USA I34268 Sackett 
33 Croffoot, Addi A.  Abt 1858Wisconsin, USA I24188 Sackett 
34 Croffoot, Betsey B.  Abt 1855Wisconsin, USA I24187 Sackett 
35 Croffoot, Carlos C.  29 May 1852Wisconsin, USA I24186 Sackett 
36 Croffoot, Ella E.  Abt 1864Wisconsin, USA I24190 Sackett 
37 Croffoot, Vandalia V.  Abt 1862Wisconsin, USA I24189 Sackett 
38 Crouse, Clyde Garfield  7 Oct 1880Wisconsin, USA I66182 Sackett 
39 Curtis, Emma  1863Wisconsin, USA I14564 Sackett 
40 Cyphers, Caroline Alicia  7 Aug 1862Wisconsin, USA I13950 Sackett 
41 Day, Addie Cornelia  22 Sep 1870Wisconsin, USA I266 Sackett 
42 Day, Alice June  18 Jun 1882Wisconsin, USA I279 Sackett 
43 Day, Delores Delilah  Abt 1931Wisconsin, USA I21485 Sackett 
44 Day, Galen Augustus Sr.  26 May 1899Wisconsin, USA I274 Sackett 
45 Day, S.Sgt. Galen Augustus Jr.  4 Oct 1922Wisconsin, USA I21487 Sackett 
46 Day, Hubert  28 Feb 1881Wisconsin, USA I278 Sackett 
47 Day, James Bernard  4 Mar 1906Wisconsin, USA I21490 Sackett 
48 Day, John Hubert  19 Jul 1903Wisconsin, USA I21491 Sackett 
49 Day, John William  19 Apr 1872Wisconsin, USA I272 Sackett 
50 Day, Joyce Alice  Abt 1924Wisconsin, USA I21701 Sackett 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Richard Harrison Sr.  UnknownWisconsin, USA I31054 Sackett 
2 Black, James Edward Smith  1936Wisconsin, USA I24954 Sackett 
3 Felgate, Hugh Allen  7 Jun 1986Wisconsin, USA I49420 Sackett 
4 Lapp, Harry  5 Apr 1966Wisconsin, USA I32443 Sackett 
5 Mayerl, Marie  Feb 1980Wisconsin, USA I54453 Sackett 
6 Perry, Ann Elisa  27 Dec 1894Wisconsin, USA I25232 Sackett 
7 Ratcliffe, Ann Mary  1924Wisconsin, USA I27240 Sackett 
8 Sackett, George Lafayette  17 Mar 1956Wisconsin, USA I23835 Sackett 
9 Sackett, John  1850-1860Wisconsin, USA I19721 Sackett 
10 Thomas, George Llewellyn  Jul 1978Wisconsin, USA I4885 Sackett 
11 Van Scholck, Rosa M.  1910Wisconsin, USA I39393 Sackett 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sackett, Cora M.  20 Apr 1910Wisconsin, USA I32546 Sackett 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnett / McKay  1887Wisconsin, USA F5152 Sackett 
2 Chase / Radtke  1926Wisconsin, USA F7930 Sackett 
3 Cole / Cady  1858Wisconsin, USA F12815 Sackett 
4 Day / Holmes  10 Oct 1869Wisconsin, USA F130 Sackett 
5 Lapp / Frahmann  17 Jan 1934Wisconsin, USA F11553 Sackett 
6 Pratt / Barnett  1896Wisconsin, USA F3994 Sackett 
7 Salter / Rolfe  1908Wisconsin, USA F9696 Sackett 
8 Turney / Smith  Abt 1915Wisconsin, USA F14033 Sackett 
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