Oklahoma, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.468, Longitude: -97.516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, LaVerne  14 Apr 1922Oklahoma, USA I52573 Sackett 
2 Abraham, Marilee June  1917Oklahoma, USA I38602 Sackett 
3 Arnold, Elsie L.  18 Feb 1900Oklahoma, USA I45819 Sackett 
4 Bailey, William Clyde Sr.  19 Feb 1904Oklahoma, USA I40530 Sackett 
5 Baumstark, Lucille  22 Feb 1908Oklahoma, USA I32205 Sackett 
6 Baumstark, Raymond L.  Abt 1901Oklahoma, USA I32203 Sackett 
7 Bonard, Nellie Mae  13 Jan 1926Oklahoma, USA I27356 Sackett 
8 Brock, Ethel L.  Abt 1896Oklahoma, USA I43694 Sackett 
9 Burgess, Vernon Joy  23 Apr 1932Oklahoma, USA I10827 Sackett 
10 Chamberlain, Betty Alene  29 Aug 1928Oklahoma, USA I59227 Sackett 
11 Chamberlain, Mickey Lucille  26 May 1927Oklahoma, USA I59226 Sackett 
12 Chamberlain, Neville Eugene  22 May 1938Oklahoma, USA I59229 Sackett 
13 Clary, Emma  1898Oklahoma, USA I35673 Sackett 
14 Clary, John Clifton  1905Oklahoma, USA I35672 Sackett 
15 Eads, Anita Merle  8 May 1918Oklahoma, USA I39077 Sackett 
16 Feger, Alveta  Abt 1911Oklahoma, USA I64146 Sackett 
17 Feger, Charles Rafferty  1915Oklahoma, USA I64148 Sackett 
18 Feger, Eunice Hay  1913Oklahoma, USA I64147 Sackett 
19 Feger, Frank J.  17 Apr 1902Oklahoma, USA I64142 Sackett 
20 Feger, Juanita  1907Oklahoma, USA I64144 Sackett 
21 Feger, Otto Floyd  7 Nov 1904Oklahoma, USA I64143 Sackett 
22 Funkhouser, Clede M.  21 Apr 1901Oklahoma, USA I35668 Sackett 
23 Givens, George Nigh  3 Sep 1925Oklahoma, USA I30170 Sackett 
24 Hayes, James Thomas  12 Jan 1934Oklahoma, USA I38155 Sackett 
25 Hereford, Lena B.  Oklahoma, USA I66241 Sackett 
26 Hoard, Harorld  Abt 1930Oklahoma, USA I36928 Sackett 
27 Holder, Robert Lee  1 Nov 1924Oklahoma, USA I40953 Sackett 
28 Holder, Willa Mae  3 Jun 1922Oklahoma, USA I40952 Sackett 
29 Hooker, Merrill J.  Abt 1903Oklahoma, USA I36347 Sackett 
30 Horton, Bonnie June  29 Aug 1927Oklahoma, USA I27351 Sackett 
31 Huen, John Edwin  Oklahoma, USA I61676 Sackett 
32 James, Luella  Abt 1912Oklahoma, USA I45058 Sackett 
33 Johnson, Lorraine  24 May 1918Oklahoma, USA I45788 Sackett 
34 Jones, Floy  Jun 1898Oklahoma, USA I27481 Sackett 
35 Jones, Frank M.  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA I27470 Sackett 
36 Jones, Gertrude Agnes  7 Oct 1905Oklahoma, USA I38370 Sackett 
37 Jones, Merle R.  Abt 1903Oklahoma, USA I27469 Sackett 
38 Jones, Robert Charles  13 Mar 1920Oklahoma, USA I38011 Sackett 
39 Jones, William C.  Abt 1907Oklahoma, USA I27471 Sackett 
40 Kent, Helen Faye  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA I64704 Sackett 
41 Kidd, Albert W.  Abt 1920Oklahoma, USA I50761 Sackett 
42 King, Neona D.  Dec 1894Oklahoma, USA I22235 Sackett 
43 Lacy, Lillie Luticia  30 Nov 1918Oklahoma, USA I65418 Sackett 
44 Lamb, Martha Loretta  17 Jun 1927Oklahoma, USA I35909 Sackett 
45 Martz, Cecil C.  13 Feb 1909Oklahoma, USA I40897 Sackett 
46 McPhail, Emma P.  19 Mar 1910Oklahoma, USA I60959 Sackett 
47 Murdy, Myrtle Vera  16 Jun 1902Oklahoma, USA I45838 Sackett 
48 Noteware, Bertha L.  1921Oklahoma, USA I64289 Sackett 
49 Noteware, Clara E.  Abt 1897Oklahoma, USA I31955 Sackett 
50 Noteware, Elsie  1905Oklahoma, USA I31958 Sackett 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Hiram Holly  26 May 1906Oklahoma, USA I38650 Sackett 
2 Benedict, Albert  22 Nov 1918Oklahoma, USA I38687 Sackett 
3 Corlew, Emily Jane  6 Jun 1903Oklahoma, USA I11117 Sackett 
4 Feger, Eunice Hay  Bef 1915Oklahoma, USA I64147 Sackett 
5 Goggin, Minnie Elma  20 Mar 1999Oklahoma, USA I4574 Sackett 
6 Hoard, Mary Celestia  28 Jan 1992Oklahoma, USA I22697 Sackett 
7 Noteware, Bertha L.  1984Oklahoma, USA I64289 Sackett 
8 Noteware, Elsie  1905Oklahoma, USA I31958 Sackett 
9 Noteware, George R.  6 May 1994Oklahoma, USA I64290 Sackett 
10 Noteware, John Lester  1951Oklahoma, USA I31950 Sackett 
11 Noteware, Martha A.  2000Oklahoma, USA I64288 Sackett 
12 Noteware, Rosie M.  1982Oklahoma, USA I64287 Sackett 
13 Roberson, John Franklin Sr.  4 Sep1946Oklahoma, USA I43693 Sackett 
14 Sackett, Curtis Clayton  17 May 1976Oklahoma, USA I4568 Sackett 
15 Sackett, Lowell Robert  5 Mar 2019Oklahoma, USA I52335 Sackett 
16 Sackett, Samuel Jefferson  28 Aug 1889Oklahoma, USA I3881 Sackett 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Axtell / Lamb  16 Dec 1947Oklahoma, USA F12886 Sackett 
2 Mann / Harden  1892Oklahoma, USA F23240 Sackett 
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