New Jersey, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.058, Longitude: -74.406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaroe, Andrew Peter  7 Jan 1893New Jersey, USA I35420
2 Abbott, Ann  24 Sep 1816New Jersey, USA I31556
3 Adams, Dorothea  Abt 1876New Jersey, USA I51173
4 Alling, Cornelia A.  24 Dec 1854New Jersey, USA I46383
5 Applegate, Israel  Mar 1862New Jersey, USA I49276
6 Ayars, Susannah  11 Sep 1797New Jersey, USA I31555
7 Babbitt, Tryphena  Abt 1795New Jersey, USA I36658
8 Baker, Elizabeth  Apr 1896New Jersey, USA I43921
9 Baker, Frederick Holmes  Apr 1894New Jersey, USA I43920
10 Baley, Samuel  1 Mar 1780New Jersey, USA I5981
11 Beach, Jason Schuyler  Abt 1814New Jersey, USA I28368
12 Bedle, Thelma Mae  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I42642
13 Beers, Ella May  10 Apr 1879New Jersey, USA I26808
14 Beers, Emma A.  Mar 1874New Jersey, USA I26806
15 Berrien, John Macpherson  23 Aug 1781New Jersey, USA I55001
16 Blazier, John  14 Nov 1795New Jersey, USA I45474
17 Britton, Zebadee  1804New Jersey, USA I21372
18 Buzzee, George  Jul 1835New Jersey, USA I48124
19 Chambless, Charlotte  Abt 1835New Jersey, USA I43607
20 Cook, Stephen Mitchel  1 Jun 1805New Jersey, USA I36816
21 Cowgill, Thomas  1774New Jersey, USA I50709
22 Cox, Ann  1791New Jersey, USA I19359
23 Craft, Amy A.  1833New Jersey, USA I19364
24 Craft, Orrin  1837New Jersey, USA I19365
25 Crawford, Grace Eleanor  16 Nov 1923New Jersey, USA I45174
26 Demarest, Grace C.  3 Jun 1891New Jersey, USA I36244
27 Doyle, Charles  1903New Jersey, USA I35424
28 Doyle, Ned  Abt 1932New Jersey, USA I35425
29 Edwards, Emma  1843New Jersey, USA I7011
30 Elwell, Sarah Ann  17 Aug 1805New Jersey, USA I31563
31 Fox, John G.  4 Dec 1832New Jersey, USA I37426
32 Frederick, Catherine H.  Jan 1868New Jersey, USA I13980
33 Frederick, Jerimiah  Sep 1827New Jersey, USA I39385
34 Freeman, Benoni  Abt 1788New Jersey, USA I4034
35 Gifford, Sarah Jane  1833New Jersey, USA I30706
36 Good, William F.  Jan 1862New Jersey, USA I24524
37 Goodfellow, Thomas Leon  1863New Jersey, USA I88652
38 Goslin, Hannah  Abt 1808New Jersey, USA I31564
39 Grant, Alan M.  31 May 1935New Jersey, USA I10748
40 Guerin, Mary  26 Feb 1803New Jersey, USA I45475
41 Henry, Edna T.  1893New Jersey, USA I38484
42 Hixson, Sarah Jane  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA I37174
43 Hixson, Tunis Q.  Abt 1818New Jersey, USA I37175
44 Hogeland, Susan  6 Mar 1809New Jersey, USA I19335
45 Howard, Charles H.  Abt 1872New Jersey, USA I52701
46 Howard, Ida  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA I52707
47 Howard, John H.  1880New Jersey, USA I52704
48 Howell, Margaret  New Jersey, USA I52267
49 Howell, Susan  12 Apr 1823New Jersey, USA I37197
50 Hyde, Edith  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I43007

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aaroe, Andrew Peter  Nov 1976New Jersey, USA I35420
2 Andeson, Temperance  28 Jun 1851New Jersey, USA I31572
3 Brush, John Edwin Ph.D.  20 Feb 2007New Jersey, USA I56670
4 Goble, Marvin Paul  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA I15501
5 McGarrity, Jeannie  Mar 1962New Jersey, USA I57077
6 Moore, Ann  3 Aug 1871New Jersey, USA I29657
7 Moore, William Sackett Sr.  3 Feb 1825New Jersey, USA I29644
8 Paton, Marjorie  Abt 1994New Jersey, USA I29368
9 Provost, Helen  1973New Jersey, USA I25724
10 Romaine, Charles Hudson Jr.  17 May 1984New Jersey, USA I56625
11 Sacket, Ann  28 Jul 1961New Jersey, USA I1619
12 Sackett, Gilda  29 Sep 2014New Jersey, USA I45430
13 Vassar, Hervey Sackett  30 Aug 1951New Jersey, USA I25723


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Campbell / Nowee  New Jersey, USA F1802
2 Colby / Hyde  1903New Jersey, USA F15671
3 Cooper / Blanc  1941New Jersey, USA F19860
4 Critton / Atwater  May 1946New Jersey, USA F13602
5 Fish / Moore  7 Apr 1812New Jersey, USA F10546
6 Martin / Sackett  1877New Jersey, USA F23460
7 Sackett / Fetterly  Abt 1911New Jersey, USA F13762
8 Sackett / Walhill  1 May 1741New Jersey, USA F5788
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