Delaware County, Ohio, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 40.30331, Longitude: -83.03614


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mary Elizabeth  22 Jul 1840Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22897
2 Burroughs, Jasper Newton  21 Oct 1838Delaware County, Ohio, USA I14598
3 Burroughs, John Stephen  1 Jun 1854Delaware County, Ohio, USA I14614
4 Burroughs, Stephen Grove  20 Feb 1817Delaware County, Ohio, USA I14611
5 Canfield, James Hulme  18 Mar 1847Delaware County, Ohio, USA I25409
6 Cowgill, Elmer E.  26 Dec 1871Delaware County, Ohio, USA I50707
7 Cunningham, Lydia Ann  25 Feb 1837Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24438
8 Eaton, Laura A.  10 Nov 1830Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24410
9 Nichols, Mabel Bedell  22 Mar 1868Delaware County, Ohio, USA I38323
10 O'Kane, William Eaton  Abt 1866Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24436
11 Rosevelt, Fred A.  Abt 1880Delaware County, Ohio, USA I21470
12 Sackett, Catherine  23 Jul 1847Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22904
13 Sackett, Charles  Nov 1869Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5606
14 Sackett, Leut. Charles Duncan  17 Dec 1840Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22901
15 Sackett, Chester  Abt 1828Delaware County, Ohio, USA I30813
16 Sackett, Francis Marion  21 Aug 1833Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22892
17 Sackett, Josephine  30 Dec 1836Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22894
18 Sackett, Lydia Jane  Nov 1849Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22905
19 Sackett, Lyman H.  2 Jan 1835Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22893
20 Sackett, Mariah Louisa  11 Jan 1838Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22895
21 Sackett, Martha Ann  13 Dec 1845Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22903
22 Sackett, Mary Emma  28 Jun 1862Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5662
23 Sackett, Mary Jane  5 Oct 1846Delaware County, Ohio, USA I31992
24 Sackett, Milton H.  19 Mar 1783Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5574
25 Sackett, Nancy Ann  14 Aug 1830Delaware County, Ohio, USA I31944
26 Sackett, Sabina  22 Mar 1828Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22890
27 Sackett, Sarah Ellen  1 Feb 1843Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22902
28 Shaw, Lydia Inez  7 Feb 1871Delaware County, Ohio, USA I22941
29 Slack, Catherine Homes  26 Apr 1820Delaware County, Ohio, USA I14586
30 Tharp, Ruth  3 Feb 1826Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23872
31 Thompson, Lybrand  Abt 1831Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23838
32 Thompson, Milton S.  1836Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23840


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Broughton, Fanny  12 Feb 1870Delaware County, Ohio, USA I30836
2 Burroughs, Martha Patan  20 Jan 1844Delaware County, Ohio, USA I14613
3 Cunningham, Barnet  9 Feb 1866Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24417
4 Eaton, James  14 Jul 1868Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24325
5 Eaton, Mary  1 May 1838Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24416
6 Emerson, Anna  30 Oct 1923Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23119
7 George, John Corliss  26 Nov 1865Delaware County, Ohio, USA I30624
8 George, Phebe R.  1891Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23877
9 Neal, Carrie Dell  12 Mar 1954Delaware County, Ohio, USA I41285
10 O'Kane, Edward T.  29 Mar 1918Delaware County, Ohio, USA I24420
11 Sackett, Augustine  1857Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5643
12 Sackett, Bathsheba  26 Dec 1838Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5857
13 Sackett, Catherine  27 May 1862Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5577
14 Sackett, Lydia  1814Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5690
15 Sackett, Mary Jane  24 Dec 1846Delaware County, Ohio, USA I31992
16 Sackett, Milton H.  22 Feb 1849Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5574
17 Sackett, Nancy Ann  25 Jan 1836Delaware County, Ohio, USA I31944
18 Steed, Millard Grant  1 Jan 1955Delaware County, Ohio, USA I41283
19 Thompson, Ann D.  17 May 1886Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23839
20 Thompson, Ebenezer  8 Feb 1863Delaware County, Ohio, USA I5578
21 Thompson, Lybrand  11 Jul 1857Delaware County, Ohio, USA I23838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Cowgill, Thomas  8 Dec 1859Delaware County, Ohio, USA I50709


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cowgill / Burroughs  20 Apr 1869Delaware County, Ohio, USA F19092
2 Cowgill / Temple  28 May 1846Delaware County, Ohio, USA F19095
3 Hawk / Sackett  14 May 1891Delaware County, Ohio, USA F2345
4 Riddle / O'Kane  7 Mar 1940Delaware County, Ohio, USA F24556
5 Roloson / Terrell  29 Mar 1839Delaware County, Ohio, USA F8418
6 Sackett / Burroughs  5 Dec 1867Delaware County, Ohio, USA F2328
7 Sackett / George  30 Nov 1836Delaware County, Ohio, USA F8393
8 Sackett / Lee  26 Apr 1830Delaware County, Ohio, USA F8304
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