Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK


Village/Neighborhood/Community : Latitude: 51.3601630, Longitude: 1.4320380


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Marsh, Charlie Oliver  1908Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39279
2 Marsh, Donald Alfred Sackett  1886Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39241
3 Marsh, Edith Mary  6 Jul 1877Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39236
4 Marsh, Hector Charles  25 Jul 1882Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39239
5 Marsh, Kate Florence  1879Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39237
6 Marsh, Nora Alice Marion  9 Feb 1884Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39240
7 Marsh, Oliver William  1881Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39238
8 Sackett, Annie Charlotte  1866Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16664
9 Sackett, Charlotte Harriet  1867Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16677
10 Sackett, Edward Lawrence  1827Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16471
11 Sackett, Elizabeth  1818Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16264
12 Sackett, Ellen Charlotte  1864Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16663
13 Sackett, Ernest James  Abt 1872Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16667
14 Sackett, Frederick Charles  1870Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16666
15 Sackett, George  1823Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16266
16 Sackett, Gilbert  5 Sep 1874Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16668
17 Sackett, Hannah  1819Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16469
18 Sackett, Harriet Emma  1857Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16659
19 Sackett, Harriet Hannah  1841Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16425
20 Sackett, Henry  1828Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16267
21 Sackett, Henry  1844Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16426
22 Sackett, Henry Diggerson  1828Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16485
23 Sackett, Henry Gilbert  1869Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16665
24 Sackett, Jeremiah  1819Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16470
25 Sackett, John Edward  1852Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16441
26 Sackett, John Jeremiah W.  1842Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16504
27 Sackett, Mary  1810Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16262
28 Sackett, Sarah Ansell  1805Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16259
29 Sackett, Stephen  1812Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16263
30 Sackett, Stephen Francis  1860Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16661
31 Sackett, Walter Stephen  1869Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16678
32 Sackett, William  1821Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16265
33 Sackett, William George  1858Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16660


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hogbin, Emma  10 Jan 1934Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39233
2 Marsh, Donald Alfred Sackett  21 Mar 1957Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39241
3 Marsh, James George  21 Sep 1903Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I39234
4 Sackett, Edward William  1830Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16473
5 Sackett, Francis  14 Jan 1877Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16252
6 Sackett, John  1851Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16155
7 Sackett, Samuel  1830Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16475
8 Sackett, Sarah Ann  1831Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK I16474
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