What's New (past 30 days)

Significant Changes for October 2018

  1. Added more descendants to the line of Samuel Tiffany and Mary Sackett (#50305).
  2. Updated death and burial information for Russell B. Emery (#25087), Added burial information for Enoch Emery and Alzina Varno Canfield, Russell's parents. Updated the names of Enoch's parents.
  3. Added James as a son of Enoch Emery and Alzina Varno Canfield. Removed LeRoy Emery and Frank Emery as sons of Enos and Alzina. They may be grandchildren, but their parents have not yet been identified.
  4. Added the spouse of Huldah Emery (#25083).
  5. Updated information for Colin Louderback Cooper (#46926).
  6. Updated information for Geraldine Henrietta Newman (#47969), adding her spouse and child.
  7. Updated information for Phillip Arthur Hubert Jr. (#36377), adding his spouse and death information.
  8. Updated information for Zetta Margaret Castor (#27932). adding spouses and death information.
  9. Updated information for Kenneth Richard Campbell (#42276), adding death information and children.
  10. Added children and descendants of Rachel Wooding (#33043) and Abel Humiston/Humason.
  11. Added the death date, spouse, and child of Elizabeth Sarah Means (#5091).
  12. Added death information for Ruth Lavon Evans (#7622) and her brother, William Wayne Evans (#44554).
  13. Added death and burial information for Geraldine E. Sackett (#19987) and he husband.
  14. Updated information for Roy Earl Sackett (#50246), adding his wife and children.
  15. Updated information for Catherine Homes Slack (#14586), thanks to a tip from Donna Moyer.
  16. Merged Electa M. Burroughs (#14616) with Electa M. Buroughs (#23883). Electa married Alfred M. Sackett (#5603), her second cousin. The nearest common relatives are their great-grandparents, Elijah Sackett (1751-1837) and Catherine Lavenia Gibson (1760-1830).
  17. Added the death date for Rhoda P. Alling (#46204).
  18. Updated information for Beatrice Sackett (#19133), adding her descendants.
  19. Updated information for Hannah Sackett (#25) and Thomas Dewey III, adding their child who died young.
  20. Updated the record for Charles Burr Sackett (#3347), adding his burial location.
  21. Corrected the name of the spouse of Rebecca Sackett (#2710). Previously identified as Thomas Dewey (#2711), his parents are David Ashley and Mary Dewey.
  22. Added the children of Amos Dewey and Tryphenia Weller ($30714).
  23. Updated information for Eliza Dewey (#2175), adding her adopted father, spouse, and children.
  24. Linked Sarah King Dewey (#2176) to her husband and second cousin, Charles Asaph Dewey (#2645).
  25. Added birth locations for the children of Roland Dewey (#2170).
Significant Changes for October 2018
  1. Updated information for Ruth Virginia Sackett (#31107), spouse, and son.
  2. Added death and burial information for Hiram Sackett (#9130) and his wife.
  3. Added William H. Sackett (1939-2017) as #50917.
  4. Added death and burial information for Abner Sackett (#1811); corrected burial information for his wife.
  5. Added death and burial information for Caleb Dewey (#2566); added his wife and descendants. Caleb's wife, Juliette Noble (#30793) also is a descendant of Simon Sackett the Colonist. They are fifth cousins, both descended from John P. Sackett and Abigail Hannum.
  6. Added the obituary of Loren Clifford Sackett (#31009).
  7. Added the spouse and children of Harry Austin Sackett (#37696).
  8. Updated information for Jasper Lorenzo Sackett (#1124) and added his descendants.
  9. Updated information for Frank Herbert Sackett Sr. (#26866) and his son, Frank Herbert Sackett Jr. (#5921).
  10. Updated information on Thomas Delno Pegg (#37476), Marion James Pegg (#37479), and Charles Leroy Pegg (#37485).


     Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
    Donald Vernon Sackett (1936-2013)
    Donald Vernon Sackett (1936-2013)
      21 Nov 2018
    Doris Emma Dewey (1916-1982)
    Doris Emma Dewey (1916-1982)
    Westfield (Massachusetts) High School, 1934 yearbook photo 
      12 Nov 2018
    James Richard Appleby (1919-1951)
    James Richard Appleby (1919-1951)
      7 Nov 2018
    Catherine Deane Tocher (1918-1991)
    Catherine Deane Tocher (1918-1991)
    Photo taken shortly after becoming a flight attendant for United Airlines 
      7 Nov 2018
    William H. Sackett (1939-2017)
    William H. Sackett (1939-2017)
      6 Nov 2018
    Clarissa Baldwin Sacket (1838-1925)
    Clarissa Baldwin Sacket (1838-1925)
      6 Nov 2018
    Eleanor Lamont Sackett
    Eleanor Lamont Sackett
    Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1915 yearbook photo. The caption reports her address as 287 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, New York 
      28 Oct 2018


     ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
    Keen, Tilda Mae 
    b. 16 Nov 1910  Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Donald Vernon 
    b. 29 Oct 1936  St. Louis City, Missouri, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Morris Ray 
    b. 14 Dec 1934  New Salem, Pike, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Mary Delores 
    b. 20 Oct 1927  Baylis, Pike County, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Willard Nathan 
    b. 26 Jun 1925  Pleasant Hill Township, Pike, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Willis Webster 
    b. 26 Jun 1925  Pleasant Hill Township, Pike, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Hattie Louisa 
    b. 25 Dec 1922  Pleasant Hill, Pike County, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Jessie Annabel 
    b. 25 Mar 1919  Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Franklin, Cora Lula 
    b. 27 Apr 1893  Nebo, Pike County, Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018
    Sackett, Mert Sellwyn 
    b. 14 Sep 1877  Illinois, USA  21 Nov 2018

     ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
     I35846  Sackett, Donald Vernon  I35849  Horvath, Dorothy J.  19 Jul 1958  21 Nov 2018
     I11145  Sackett, Mert Sellwyn  I29289  Franklin, Cora Lula  29 Jun 1922  21 Nov 2018
     I29571  Sackett, Russell Edward Sr.  I35202  Galloway, Donna Alberta  28 Oct 1942  21 Nov 2018
     I48955  Burton, Riley Lawrence  I37484  Pegg, Maeodine Esther    19 Nov 2018
     I37487  Steiner, Emmett L.  I37483  Pegg, Sylvia Christena  1932  19 Nov 2018
     I51121  Johnson, Albert Leo Jr.  I51120  Thomas, Mary Lou    19 Nov 2018
     I48953  Thomas, Charles Daken  I37478  Pegg, Gladys Jane    19 Nov 2018
     I48952  Whitehead, Homer Sheldon  I37475  Pegg, Zoa M.    19 Nov 2018
     I37485  Pegg, Charles Leroy  I37486  Booher, Louise Mae  17 Feb 1943  19 Nov 2018
               19 Nov 2018

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