What's New (past 30 days)

Significant Changes for December 2018

  1. Corrected the name of and updated information for Dr. Harry (was Henry) Robert Sackett (#1191) and his family. Based on all related documents, He was incorrectly identified by Weygant.
  2. Updated information for Benjamin P. Sackett (#15488) and his family.
  3. Added the family of Elizabeth Sackett (1792-1833; #51271) and Ira Howe. Elizabeth's parents are not known.
  4. Updated information for Alleta June Groesbeck (#47190) and added her descendants.
  5. Updated information for Elizabeth Norris Rugge (#65478), her daughter, Josephine Rugge Howe (#65502), and their spouses.
  6. Updated information for some of the children and descendants of Elizabeth Fish (#14033).
  7. Added the death information for Fritz Arthur Sackett (#28970) and added his daughter.
  8. Added death information for Jonathan Henry Sackett (#11147), his wife, and son Glen Adrian.
  9. Added death information and a wife for James Alfred Sackett (#11146).
  10. Updated record for Sackett C. Collins (#25240) and his spouse, adding their children.
  11. Corrected the death date for Thelma Jean Gatchell (#27311), added her burial location, and added a child, thanks to Jane H. Juve for the tip.
  12. Added descendants of Ursula Jane Sackett (#27216).
  13. Updated information on the family of Charles Henry Foote (#26640), adding three children.
  14. Updated information on the family of Isaac Foote (#26644), adding two children.
  15. Updated information on the family of Justin Foote (#26638).
  16. Updated information for Minnie Orton Sackett (#34511). A daughter of Thomas Orton, following his death she apparently was adopted by her step-father, Gen. William Sackett (#2822; 1838-1864). Added her husband (Col. Ely Samuel Parker, a Seneca chief who served on Gen. Grant's staff during the Civil War) and child.
  17. Added Henry Segert (#51866), an immigrant from Germany, who Americanized his name to Sackett. Added his descendants.

Significant Changes for January 2019

  1. Updated information for Rhea Lansing Adams (#17699) and his wife, adding their burial and death information.
  2. Updated information for Robert Craig Zuber (#17717), adding his burial and death information.
  3. Updated information for Elizabeth Norris Rugge (#65478) and her daughter, Josephine Rugge Howe (#65502), updating their death dates and adding an obituaries.
  4. Merged Alexander Canfield, the husband of Mercy M. Sherman (d. 1856, a descendant of Capt. Richard Sackett) with Alexander Canfield (descendant of Capt. Richard Sackett) who married Charlotte Sinclair. This was done because the 1860 census shows the children of Mercy Sherman living with Alexander and Charlotte Canfield in Moreau, New York. Thus, Alexander is the cousin once removed of Mercy Sherman.
  5. Updated information for Lydia Sackett (#1626).
  6. Updated information for Lovina Parks (#25518), adding spouses and children. Lovina's first husband, Horace Culver, is the brother of Marcia Culver who married Roland Parks, a son of Lydia Sackett (#1626).
  7. Added children of Ann S. Sackett (#24691).


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Jane Frances DeMouthe (1949-2018)
Jane Frances DeMouthe (1949-2018)
From 1972 wedding photo 
  6 Jan 2019
Lovina Parks in 1907
Lovina Parks in 1907
Identified as Lavinia Parks, this image was published in the Boston (Massachusetts) Globe on 23 Jun 1907. 
  5 Jan 2019
Minnie Orton <i>Sackett</i> Parker
Minnie Orton Sackett Parker
From "The Biography of Minnie Orton Sackett" (PBS) 
  29 Dec 2018
Col. William Sackett and wife, 9th NYVC at Gettysburg
Col. William Sackett and wife, 9th NYVC at Gettysburg
Posted by Gary Thompson at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/489203578267134628/?lp=true 
  29 Dec 2018
Col. William Sackett (1839-1864)
Col. William Sackett (1839-1864)
While leading the 9th New York Volunteer Cavalry in a charge, he was mortally wounded on 11 Jun 1864 during the Battle of Trevillian Station in Louisa County, Virginia. He died three days later. For his service, he was brevetted Brigadier General of U.S. Volunteers on 13 Mar 1865. 
  29 Dec 2018
Maud Theresa Ah-weh-ee-yo Parker
Maud Theresa Ah-weh-ee-yo Parker
  29 Dec 2018
Minnie Orton Sackett (1847-1932)
Minnie Orton Sackett (1847-1932)
Image from PBS 
  29 Dec 2018
Surrender at Appomattox
Surrender at Appomattox
Ely Parker is standing third from the right. 
  29 Dec 2018
Ely Samuel Parker (1828-1895)
Ely Samuel Parker (1828-1895)
  29 Dec 2018
Ely Samuel Parker (1828-1895)
Ely Samuel Parker (1828-1895)
  29 Dec 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Adams, Frank Overless 
b. 24 Feb 1890  Franklin County, Indiana, USA  11 Jan 2019
Witters, Ella 
   11 Jan 2019
Adams, Christopher 
   11 Jan 2019
Aldridge, Ruth May 
b. 23 Dec 1892  Scott County, Indiana, USA  11 Jan 2019
Hoard, Nora May 
b. 14 Aug 1877  Vesta, Johnson, Nebraska, USA  11 Jan 2019
Bickel, Arthur Joseph 
b. 6 Jun 1895   11 Jan 2019
Aldridge, Charles C. 
   11 Jan 2019
Hoard, Thomas Miller 
b. 27 Jun 1867  Barry, Clay County, Missouri, USA  11 Jan 2019
Hoard, Bertie Roy 
b. 22 Jun 1895  Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas, USA  11 Jan 2019
Yeager, Henry C. 
b. Abt 1828   7 Jan 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I52081  Adams, Christopher  I52082  Witters, Ella    11 Jan 2019
 I52080  Adams, Frank Overless  I52078  Aldridge, Ruth May  27 Mar 1909  11 Jan 2019
 I52079  Bickel, Arthur Joseph  I52078  Aldridge, Ruth May    11 Jan 2019
 I36169  Aldridge, Charles C.  I22674  Hoard, Nora May  18 Feb 1892  11 Jan 2019
 I52076  Yeager, Henry C.  I24696  Sackett, Fraxanella  22 Jun 1865  7 Jan 2019
 I5828  Sackett, George H.  I5833  ___, Sophia Amy  1842  7 Jan 2019
 I52074  Sackett, Lewis L.  I52075  Keeler, Permelia    7 Jan 2019
 I24693  Sackett, Jacob R.  I24694  Brittin, Ann Eliza  1897  7 Jan 2019
 I52073  Berry, ____  I52072  Eddowes, Laura G.    7 Jan 2019
 I52071  Eddowes, William  I24692  Sackett, Camilla    7 Jan 2019

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