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 Significant Changes for April 2017

  1. Updated information for Harry Garfield Sackett (#14223) and his wife; added a child.
  2. Updated information for Juanita Madeline Sackett (#14224), adding a spouse and six children.
  3. Added four children to Florence Sackett (#14221); added marriage and divorce information for her first marriage; updated the name of her second husband, Martin H. Mogge.
  4. Updated information for Almira B. Fuller (#14678) and her spouse; added seven children plus descendants.
  5. Added children to Edwin Robert Scott (#35295); updated his record and that of his spouse.
  6. Updated information for Andrew Nieukirk and Tryphena Fish (#14484), including burial locations and parents of Andrew. Updated information for several of their children.
  7. Updated marriage information for John Nieukirk/Newkirk (#31562 ), correcting the name of his second spouse, adding her parents, and adding two children for his first marriage. Added census records.
  8. Updated death date of Gilbert Lent (#19271); updated information for his spouse, Abigail Sarah Sackett (#6676), and some of their children.
  9. Updated information for Charles Sackett (#65288), including adding the surname of his second spouse and their marriage date, adding his first wife, moving child Reuben to his first marriage.
  10. Updated information for Ralph Harrison Culley and Margaret E. Sackett (#24446) and their children. Added a second spouse to Ralph. Updated the name of Margaret's father.
  11. Added burial location and updated death date for Stephen Sackett (#8795). Made similar changes to records for his wife and her parents.
  12. Added burial location and updated death date for Artemus E. Sackett (#8928) and his wife.
  13. Added burial location and updated death date for Eliza Sackett (#8932), her husband, and his parents. Also updated information on their children.
  14. Updated information for Frederic Sackett (#1139) and Jane N. Garnwell (#1140), their son and daughter, their spouses and children.
 Significant Changes for May 2017
  1. Added six children to Viona Sackett (#25929) and Charles Ross Abraham.
  2. Added the obituary of Emily Pearl Whisler (#23235).
  3. Updated information for the family of Homer Samuel Sackett (#24475) and his descendants.
  4. Added an obituary for Carolyn Jean Sackett (#42644) and updated information for her family.
  5. Added census records for Lydia Woodin (#33139) and Rev. Ira Abbott. Added a son and updated information for and added families to all three sons.
  6. Added death information for Aaron James Hall (#2935); added birth location for his parents.
  7. Added birth and death locations for Zenos Ausker Hall (#2904).
  8. Added birth and death locations for Martha Luetta Hall (#2905) and her spouse. Added their children and descendants.
  9. Added parents of Deborah Waterman, wife of Filer Sacket (#2650). Added the death date for their son, Jonathan.
  10. Updated information for the family of Leland Russell Sackett (#1009).
  11. Updated information for the family of Mark Abel (#19644).
  12. Corrected the name of the spouse of Edna N. Laforge (#13970), adding his birth and death date (thanks to Richard Stem for contributing this correction).
  13. Added birth and death information for Abel Cadwell (#186) and his wife, Anna Dwight.
  14. Added Clarissa Sacket (1790-1872, b. in Rensselaer County, New York) and her husband, Caleb Cone. Clarissa's parents are not known.
  15. Updated information for Alice Myrtle Cone (#31675). She is the half cousin, 2X removed, of Caleb Cone, who married Clarissa Sackett (#44020).
  16. Corrected the name of the spouse of Thalia M. Smith (#3480), and updated their information. (Jacob Cohn, incorrectly identified as Mister Cone by Weygandt). Added three children and a brother of Thalia.
  17. Added two children and their spouses to the family of Archer Clayton Ford (#3381). Thanks to Marvin Miller for spotting these omissions.


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At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
  18 May 2017
Francis Marion Pottenger, Jr.
Francis Marion Pottenger, Jr.
  18 May 2017
Benjamin Franklin Harville (1947-2010)
Benjamin Franklin Harville (1947-2010)
1965 photo from Eureka Times Standard announcing that Benjamin was one of four Fortuna Union High School seniors to win a Bank of America achievement award. 
  17 May 2017
Edwin Denison Morgan (1811 - 1883)
Edwin Denison Morgan (1811 - 1883)
MORGAN, Edwin Denison, (cousin of Morgan Gardner Bulkeley), a Senator from New York; born in Washington, Mass., February 8, 1811; moved with his parents to Windsor County, Conn., in 1822; attended the public schools and Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn.; moved to Hartford, Conn., in 1828 and engaged in mercantile pursuits; member, city council of Hartford 1832; moved to New York City in 1836 and engaged in the wholesale grocery business, banking and brokerage; alderman of New York City 1849; member, State senate 1850-1855; State commissioner of immigration 1855-1858; chairman of the Republican National Committee 1856-1864; Governor of New York 1859-1862; during the Civil War served as major general of Volunteers in the Union Army 1861-1863, serving as commander of the Department of New York; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1863, to March 3, 1869; unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1868; chairman, Committee on the Library (Fortieth Congress); chairman of the Republican National Committee 1872-1876; unsuccessful candidate for Governor in 1876; declined the office of Secretary of the Treasury in the Cabinet of President Chester Arthur in 1881; died in New York City, February 14, 1883; interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Conn.  
  11 May 2017
H. S. Sackett
H. S. Sackett
Portrait of Homer Samuel Sackett published in Hardwood Record (1912) 
  6 May 2017


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Homer Samuel 'Sam' Sackett Jr. (1914-1971)
Homer Samuel "Sam" Sackett Jr. (1914-1971)
1930 Evanston Township High School yearbook photo, Evanston, Illinois 
  6 May 2017
Homer Samuel Sackett Jr. yearbook page, Evanston, Illinois
Homer Samuel Sackett Jr. yearbook page, Evanston, Illinois
1930 Evanston Township High School yearbook, page with photo and autograph 
  6 May 2017
H. S. Sackett biography, p. 1
H. S. Sackett biography, p. 1
From Hardwood Record (1912), p. 26 
  6 May 2017
H. S. Sackett biography, p. 2
H. S. Sackett biography, p. 2
From Hardwood Record (1912), p. 27 
  6 May 2017
Greene Family Bible
Greene Family Bible
Image provided by Brenda Brubaker (granddaughter of Bert S. Greene) to Thurmon King 
  28 Apr 2017


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Tree   Last Modified 
Ford, Lester Simeon 
b. 27 Jul 1899  Oregon, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017
Jones, Gwladys E. 
b. 29 May 1885  California, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017
Ford, Ralph Erwin 
b. 6 Aug 1932  Oregon, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017
Ford, Robert Eynon 
b. 21 May 1922   Sackett 26 May 2017
Eynon, Elizabeth 
b. 1857  Wisconsin, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017
Jones, Robert Henry 
b. 1858  Wales, UK  Sackett 26 May 2017
Tapp, Eunice 
b. 23 Nov 1917   Sackett 26 May 2017
Sherwood, Randolph 
   Sackett 26 May 2017
Faulkner, Frederick Russell 
b. 19 Nov 1904  Winnebago, Winnebago, Illinois, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017
Ford, Nellie Fern 
b. 19 Mar 1911  Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon, USA  Sackett 26 May 2017


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F16183  I37809  Ford, Lester Simeon  I44165    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16185  I44167  Jones, Robert Henry  I44168    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16184  I44163  Ford, Robert Eynon  I44164    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F13392  I3381  Ford, Archer Clayton  I37806  2 Feb 1898  Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16182  I44162  Sherwood, Randolph  I37813    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16178  I44153  Faulkner, Frederick Russell  I37813  25 Aug 1929  Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16173  I44146  Payne, Charles S.  I44144  1927  Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16174  I44149  Neely, Roy Eugene  I37810    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16177  I44151  Lowd, George  I44152    Sackett 26 May 2017
 F16176  I44151  Lowd, George      Sackett 26 May 2017

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