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Significant Changes for July 2018

  1. Updated information for Rev. Moses Eckert Arkills (#23997) and his descendants.
  2. Updated information for Hubert Felix Sackett Sr. (#22945) and his descendants.
  3. Updated information for Sarah Sackett James (#4462) and her descendants.
  4. Updated the record for Charles Albert Sackett (#11300) and added his son.
  5. Added the death date for John Alsop (#7286).
  6. Updated the record for Jefferson Feih Vander Wolk (#47325).
  7. Updated record for Norman Lee Baldwin (#3677).
  8. Updated the record for Elmer Sumner Sackett (#3500) and his descendants.
  9. Updated the record for Robert Maynard Schuster (#18995) and his mother, Hazel Beth Sackett Schuster (#18587).
  10. Updated information for Kathleen Evelyn Fish (#41043), her immediate ancestors and descendants.
  11. Added death information for William Ronald Fish (#41176) and his mother, Barbara Jean Bernsdorff Fish.
  12. Updated the record for Glenyth Lenore Boardman (#27610).
  13. Updated information for Harriet Damon Bigelow (#5536) and descendants.
  14. Added death information for Findlay Sackett (#6989).
  15. Corrected the death date for Stephen Whitney de Rham (#35741) and added his spouse.
  16. Updated the record for William H. Sackett (#6952), his son William Edgar Sackett Sr. (#6954), his son William Edgar Sackett Jr. (#6958) and several of their children.
Significant Changes for August 2018
  1. Corrected death date and added death location for Sarah Isaacs Sackett (#6702). Added burial locations for Sarah and her parents, Dr. William Henry Sackett and Rebecca Holly.
  2. Updated the record for Martha W. Sackett (#6577) who was adopted by Dr. Henry White and who married Rev. William Albert Hyde. Added the eight Hyde children.
  3. Updated the death date for Margaret Jane Allen (#1912), wife of Israel Sackett.
  4. Corrected the spouse of Elethea A. Higgins (d. 1856; #6953), who Weygant (pp. 191-192) incorrectly linked to William Henry Sackett (1803-1846), son of Nathaniel and Bethiah Reynolds Sackett. As a result, Elethea's descendants no longer are indexed as in the lines of Thomas the Elder and Simon the Colonist. Thanks to Thurmon King for researching this correction.
  5. Updated information on the descendants of Joseph Christopher Erb (#47786).


     Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
    Marlene Mae Miller (1938-1997)
    Marlene Mae Miller (1938-1997)
    1953 Rhinelander (Wisconsin) High School yearbook photo 
      9 Aug 2018
    James Jacob Schilleman (1936-2007)
    James Jacob Schilleman (1936-2007)
    Photo accompanies obituary, published 3 Jan 2007 in The Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin). 
      9 Aug 2018
    Marlene Mae Miller (1938-1997)
    Marlene Mae Miller (1938-1997)
    Photo from marriage announcement in the Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin), 11 Apr 1959 
      9 Aug 2018
    At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
      27 Jul 2018
    Robert Maynard Schuster (1948-2016)
    Robert Maynard Schuster (1948-2016)
      25 Jul 2018
    Dorthe and Booth Chilcutt, 1968
    Dorthe and Booth Chilcutt, 1968
    Image from the Palm Beach Post (Palm Beach, Florida), 9 Jul 1968, page 13  
      22 Jul 2018
    At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
      22 Jul 2018
    Margery Jean Sackett, 1945
    Margery Jean Sackett, 1945
    From Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana), 27 May 1945, page 45.

    Caption: The engagement is announced of Miss Margery Jean Sackett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert F. Sackett of Evansville, and Lt. John Benton Nunn, son of Mrs. Marie Hammock Nunn of Evansville.  
      20 Jul 2018


     ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Last Modified 
    Mabry, Muriel E. 
    b. Abt 1895  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Ort, Robert Krider 
    b. 22 Dec 1894  Churubusco, Whitney, Indiana, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Bechtel, Ithna Adele 
    b. 9 Jan 1905  North Liberty, Knox, Ohio, USA  13 Aug 2018
    ___, Mary 
    b. Abt 1905  Pennsylvania, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Walker, William 
    b. Abt 1903  Pennsylvania, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Horn, Robert F 
    b. 16 Jul 1902  Dover, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Baker, Pearl 
    b. 17 Oct 1901  SugarCreek, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Erb, Oliver 
    b. 17 Mar 1875  Monaca, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Erb, Bertha Carolina 
    b. 7 Nov 1877  Pennsylvania, USA  13 Aug 2018
    Sweet, Charles D. 
    b. Abt 1869  Maryland, USA  13 Aug 2018


     ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Last Modified 
     F18635  I49605  Ort, Robert Krider  I49606  29 Oct 1918  13 Aug 2018
     F18634  I49605  Ort, Robert Krider  I49601    13 Aug 2018
     F18631  I47856  Horn, Robert F  I49601    13 Aug 2018
     F18630  I49600  Sweet, Charles D.  I47791    13 Aug 2018
     F17765  I47826  Brown, Albert George  I47791  18 Oct 1938  13 Aug 2018
     F18629  I47826  Brown, Albert George  I49599  9 Nov 1904  13 Aug 2018
     F18628  I49597  Sprague, Ebenezer Alvadus  I49598    13 Aug 2018
     F18621  I49584  Sheline, Guy L.  I49583  28 Oct 1916  13 Aug 2018
     F18627  I49595  Klephart, Grover C.  I49596    13 Aug 2018
     F18626  I49546  Harn, Charles Allen  I49593    13 Aug 2018

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