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 Significant Changes for March 2017

  1. Updated information for Maude Lytle Sackett (#1984) and her family.
  2. Updated information for Edmund Samuel Sackett (#11311) and his family.
  3. Corrected mother of Louisa Roseanna Kellogg (#42508), adding the birth and death dates of her father and step-mother.
  4. Updated and added information on the descendants of Royal Root (#42507) and Louisa Roseanna Kellogg (#42508).
  5. Added birth, death, and marriage dates and details for Oliver Thayer (#14838) and his wife, Midwell Barlett.
  6. Corrected birth and death dates and locations for Henry Mosely Sydnor (#64046).
  7. Corrected name and added birth, death, and parents for Rev. Giles Granville Sydnor (#1253).
  8. Added spouse of Louise L. Sydnor (#64047).
  9. Added birth and death date for Augustus Joseph Sackett (#41486); updated information for his sons.
  10. Corrected the spouse and death date for Lovicy Ray (#37753), thanks to Thurmon King and Carol P. Christ.
  11. Changed the spelling of Abner Woodin (#33068) and his descendants from Wooding to Woodin, based on probate and other documents.
  12. Add children and descendants of John Horace Reed and Florence Adele Chaffee (#38695).
  13. Corrected the name, death date, and burial location for Gurdon Ellsworth (#42634), the father-in-law of Caroline Eliza Noble (#42603).
  14. Corrected the spelling of Edmund Laurence Forgus (#8548); added his spouse and descendants (thanks to Maggie Beddow)..
  15. Added a spouse to Parmelia Lee (#4972); updated her vitals and added her burial location.
  16. Added the family of Richard Sackett (#43365) and Louisa Wilder Shaw of Cummington, Massachusetts, and their descendants. This family has not yet been linked to any existing Sackett ancestors.
  17. Added the parents of John Rees (#8299) and updated his death date.
  18. Updated information for Edward Clapp, husband of Cynthia Sackett (#13183).
  19. Added a spouse and descendants for Melissa T. Loomis (#2278); added a sister, Esther J. Loomis.
  20. Corrected death date for Nancy Jane Sackett (#5602).
  21. Added sources and facts to the family of William Clarence Sackett (#13414); added parents to his wife, Lavina Gray.
  22. Added children to Laura Jane Sackett (#13418) and John Franklin Sober.
  23. Added a daughter to Clarence William Sackett (#13416) and Ethel M. Cookerly. Added Ethel's parents.
  24. Updated birth date of David King (#157); added his death information, probate, spouse, and children. Added spouse, children, will, and burial to their son, Eldad King.
  25. Added the parents of Elizabeth Noble (#5443), wife of Deacon John Shepard. Elizabeth is a granddaughter of Thomas Noble (#22).
  26. Added a spouse and death location to Ransom Harry Sackett (#14261); updated information and added in-laws for his first marriage. Added death, burial, and marriage information for his daughter, Zera Ruth, and her husband.

Significant Changes for April 2017

  1. Updated information for Harry Garfield Sackett (#14223) and his wife; added a child.
  2. Updated information for Juanita Madeline Sackett (#14224), adding a spouse and six children.
  3. Added four children to Florence Sackett (#14221); added marriage and divorce information for her first marriage; updated the name of her second husband, Martin H. Mogge.
  4. Updated information for Almira B. Fuller (#14678) and her spouse; added seven children plus descendants.
  5. Added children to Edwin Robert Scott (#35295); updated his record and that of his spouse.
  6. Updated information for Andrew Nieukirk and Tryphena Fish (#14484), including burial locations and parents of Andrew. Updated information for several of their children.
  7. Updated marriage information for John Nieukirk/Newkirk (#31562 ), correcting the name of his second spouse, adding her parents, and adding two children for his first marriage. Added census records.
  8. Updated death date of Gilbert Lent (#19271); updated information for his spouse, Abigail Sarah Sackett (#6676), and some of their children.
  9. Updated information for Charles Sackett (#65288), including adding the surname of his second spouse and their marriage date, adding his first wife, moving child Reuben to his first marriage.
  10. Updated information for Ralph Harrison Culley and Margaret E. Sackett (#24446) and their children. Added a second spouse to Ralph. Updated the name of Margaret's father.


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Martha Marie Harris
Martha Marie Harris
Photo from Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York), 30 Dec 1955, p. 17 
  26 Apr 2017
Martha Culley
Martha Culley
1936 yearbook photo, Marshall High School, Rochester, New York 
  26 Apr 2017
Bridgland Culley (1923-1995)
Bridgland Culley (1923-1995)
1940 yearbook photo, Marshall High School, Rochester, New York 
  25 Apr 2017
Edgar Ripley
Edgar Ripley
From Olathe Mirror (Olathe, Kansas), 6 Jun 1895, p. 6 
  19 Apr 2017


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Mrs. Harriet M. Sackett obituaries
Mrs. Harriet M. Sackett obituaries
  25 Apr 2017
Announcement of the birth of Homer Samuel Sackett
Announcement of the birth of Homer Samuel Sackett
Article from Avon Herald, Avon, N. Y.; May 1, 1884

  25 Apr 2017
Bio of Andrew Nieukirk, from p. 53 of The van Nieukirk, Nieukirk, Newkirk Family
Bio of Andrew Nieukirk, from p. 53 of The van Nieukirk, Nieukirk, Newkirk Family
The van Nieukirk, Nieukirk, Newkirk Family, (Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania) (Reliability: 3), 16 Apr 2017.
The van Nieukirk, Nieukirk, Newkirk Family
Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
Special Number
Published in Philadelphia in 1934

The full text is available at http://tacrocker.com/van_nieuwkirk_family.pdf 
  16 Apr 2017
Will of Andrew Ayers Newkirk (d. 1 Mar 1883)
Will of Andrew Ayers Newkirk (d. 1 Mar 1883)
  15 Apr 2017
Will of Eldad King, page 2
Will of Eldad King, page 2
  30 Mar 2017
Will of Eldad King, page 1
Will of Eldad King, page 1
  30 Mar 2017


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Tree   Last Modified 
Sackett, Arthur B. 
b. 15 Jun 1877  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Sackett, Frank Vincent 
b. 17 Dec 1874  Illinois, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Adams, Clara M. 
b. Abt 1958  Ohio, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Sackett, Charles L. 
b. 16 Jan 1844  New York, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Harris, Harold 
b. 17 Jun 1901  Pennsylvania, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Monroe, Stewart 
b. 22 Oct 1898  Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Jones, Gladys Jeanette 
b. 20 Oct 1906  Laquin, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Culley, Martha S. 
b. 14 Jul 1919  New York, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Harris, Ruth 
   Sackett 26 Apr 2017
Harris, Martha Marie 
b. 14 Jan 1936  Warren, Warren, Pennsylvania, USA  Sackett 26 Apr 2017


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F3629  I8858  Sackett, Charles L.  I8859  8 Feb 1872  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F15979  I43660  Monroe, Stewart  I43659  16 Sep 1976  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F15978  I21654  Culley, Ralph Harrison  I43659    Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F7965  I21654  Culley, Ralph Harrison  I24446  14 Oct 1913  Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F15977  I43658  Harris, Harold  I43659    Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F15976  I43655  Berneike, George Franklin  I43656    Sackett 26 Apr 2017
 F15973  I43651  Culley, Alexander  I43652    Sackett 25 Apr 2017
 F468  I1116  Sackett, Frederick Henry  I9778  7 Aug 1889  Sackett 22 Apr 2017
 F15972  I43649  Abbott, William A.  I43650    Sackett 22 Apr 2017
 F15969  I43639  Higley, Melvin Johnson  I19645  10 Nov 1867  Sackett 21 Apr 2017

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