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Significant Changes for February 2018

  1. Added descendants of Lydia Thomas (#46970) and Allen C. Groesbeck.
  2. Updated information on Nathan S. Fish (#13811) and his spouses; added descendants of his son, John W. Fish (#14377).
  3. Updated information on the family of Charles Schlabach and Caroline Lovica Sackett (#19303) and added their descendants.
Significant Changes for March 2018
  1. Updated information on the spouse and children of Nathan B. Sackett (#6895), thanks to information from Bob Raynor. Added descendants.
  2. Added spouse and family to Emily Grace Clark (#6758), thanks to Peter McClintock for the tip that led to these additions.
  3. Added birth, death, and burial information for Nathan C. Sackett (#19877) and his wife, Deborah Ann Morey. Added Deborah's parents.
  4. Updated information for Roger Alan Sackett (#23027).
  5. Added death and burial information for Albert "Bert" H. Sackett (#5968) and his wife. Updated information on their children and descendants.
  6. Added death and burial information for Cornelius L. Sackett (#5932) and his wife.
  7. Updated the entry for Corneluis J. Sackett (#5975) and added his wife and children.
  8. Added birth, death, and marriage information for Myron Cole Bailey (#5985). Updated the names of his parents. His wife is a descendant of Thomas Noble (#22) and Hannah Warriner.
  9. Updated information for DeRoss Bailey (#5983) and added his photo, spouse, and descendants.
  10. Added an obituary for Willard Nathan Sackett (#29576); updated the birth location for his twin, and added three of his siblings. Thanks to Alvin Oglesby for submitting the obituary.


     Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
    DeRoss Bailey (1843-1904)
    DeRoss Bailey (1843-1904)
    Photo of DeRoss Bailey, published with his obituary in the Buffalo Evening News (Buffalo, NY), 5 Oct 1904, page 1 
      19 Mar 2018
    At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
      24 Feb 2018
    At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
      24 Feb 2018
    Faculty, Department of Economics and Social Institutions, Princeton University, 1940
    Faculty, Department of Economics and Social Institutions, Princeton University, 1940
      24 Feb 2018
    Warren Seabury Hunsberger (1911-1997)
    Warren Seabury Hunsberger (1911-1997)
    1940 Princeton University instructor in the Department of Economics and Social Institutions. This image is a cropped version of the department photo from the 1940 university yearbook.  
      24 Feb 2018
    Thomas Elton Borden (1913-1932)
    Thomas Elton Borden (1913-1932)
    1931 Long Beach Polytechnic High School yearbook photo for Elton Borden. C Basketball '28, C Football '28, B Basketball '29, B Football '29, Varsity Football '30 
      21 Feb 2018


     ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Last Modified 
    Humbert, America 
    b. 25 Mar 1843  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA  23 Mar 2018
    Humbert, Eleanor 
    b. 1837  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Humbert, Carolina 
    b. 5 Mar 1841  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Humbert, Mary Ann 
    b. 22 May 1832  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Humbert, Charlotte 
    b. 1830  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Humbert, Frederick 
    b. 1796  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Fish, Ruth Ann 
    b. 1799  Pennsylvania, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Sackett, Russell 
    b. Abt 1912  Illinois, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Sackett, Lacey 
    b. Abt 1915  Illinois, USA  22 Mar 2018
    Sackett, Anna Belle 
    b. Abt 1919  Illinois, USA  22 Mar 2018


     ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Last Modified 
     F17717  I47657  Humbert, Frederick  I47705    22 Mar 2018
     F10434  I11145  Sackett, Mert Sellwyn  I29289  29 Jun 1922  22 Mar 2018
     F5385  I14056  Fish, Benjamin Nathan  I29609  Abt 1790  22 Mar 2018
     F17716  I47704  Barney, ___  I22895    19 Mar 2018
     F17715  I47703  Curros, ___  I22904    19 Mar 2018
     F8395  I22890  Sackett, Sabina  I22896  17 Apr 1855  19 Mar 2018
     F11333  I31931  Doty, Henry A.  I31922  Oct 1884  19 Mar 2018
     F2466  I26793  Deitman, Henry  I5987  Bef 1880  19 Mar 2018
     F17694          19 Mar 2018
     F2463  I5981  Baley, Samuel  I5982    19 Mar 2018

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