Warren Center Cemetery Old, Warren (Town of), Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA


Latitude: 41.74671, Longitude: -73.34922

Also known as Old Cemetery, Old Warren Center Cemetery, Warren Center Cemetery


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Bradley, Mary 'Polly', Wife of Justus Sackett
Bradley, Mary "Polly", Wife of Justus Sackett
    Bradley, Mary (d. 9 Jun 1867)
Deborah Newcomb (1664-1756) headstone
Deborah Newcomb (1664-1756) headstone
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    ___, Deborah (d. 17 Jun 1756)
Filer, Ann
Filer, Ann
Find A Grave Memorial# 6203008
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    Filer, Ann (d. 8 Mar 1787)
Newcomb, Lydia
Newcomb, Lydia
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    Newcomb, Lydia (d. 16 Nov 1808)
Sackett Ancestors
Sackett Ancestors
Sacketts Remembered:
Simon d. 1633 (father)
John d. 1712 (son)
William d. 1723 (Grd'son)
Jonathan d. 1773 Gr Grd'son)
Jonathan d. 1777 (Gr-Gr Grd'son)
Justus d. 1815 (Gr-Gr-Gr Grd'son) 
    Sacket, Jonathan (d. 1 Sep 1773)
Sacket, William (d. 28 Mar 1699-1700)
Sackett, John P (d. 8 Oct 1712)
Sackett, Capt. Justus (d. 16 Mar 1815)
Sackett, Simon Sr. (d. 5 Oct 1633-10 Oct 1633)
Sackett, Benjamin
Sackett, Benjamin
Photo Added by: Terry Goodwin
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    Sacket, Benjamin (d. 17 Jul 1844)
Sackett, Capt. Justus
Sackett, Capt. Justus
Photo Added by: Michael Ryley Bradbury
Find A Grave Memorial# 6203278 
    Sackett, Capt. Justus (d. 16 Mar 1815)
Sackett, Jonathan
Sackett, Jonathan
Photo provided by mmathews1964 on Ancestry.com
    Sacket, Jonathan (d. 1 Sep 1773)
Sackett, Justus
Sackett, Justus
    Sacket, Justus (d. 5 Apr 1846)
Sackett, Mary Joanna and husband Lyman, George Smith
Sackett, Mary Joanna and husband Lyman, George Smith
    Lyman, George Smith (d. 1905)
Sackett, Mary Joanna (d. 18 Feb 1894)
Sackett, Reuben Return
Sackett, Reuben Return
Warren Center Cemetery Old
Warren, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA
Created by: Old Warren Cemetery
Record added: Feb 21, 2002
Find A Grave Memorial# 6203002, Photo added by Thurman King
    Sackett, Reuben Return (d. 5 Jul 1803)

All Burials - Warren Center Cemetery Old, Warren (Town of), Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died/Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1. Bradley, Mary "Polly"   d. 9 Jun 1867I3025 Sackett 
2. Carter, Benjamin   d. 30 Jul 1853I3794 Sackett 
3. Carter, Mercy   d. 2 Oct 1805I19512 Sackett 
4. Carter, Samuel Wallace   d. 20 Dec 1891I3429 Sackett 
5. Carter, Sarah Evelyn   d. 25 Oct 1852I3609 Sackett 
6. Carter, Thomas   d. 18 Nov 1772I30882 Sackett 
7. Comstock, Ellen Sophia   d. 6 Mar 1860I3046 Sackett 
8. Comstock, Henry James   d. 29 Mar 1893I3031 Sackett 
9. Curtis, Maj. Eleazer   d. 1 Oct 1788I19511 Sackett 
10. Curtiss, Augustin   d. 16 Sep 1832I3773 Sackett 
11. Curtiss, Erastus   d. 16 Apr 1859I3783 Sackett 
12. Curtiss, Lucinda   d. 7 May 1855I3774 Sackett 
13. Eldred, Elizabeth "Betsey"   d. 9 Mar 1819I3022 Sackett 
14. Filer, Ann   d. 8 Mar 1787I2713 Sackett 
15. Gilbert, Sarah   d. 12 Jul 1777I30883 Sackett 
16. Lyman, Edward Phelps   d. 1897I3053 Sackett 
17. Lyman, George Smith   bur. 1905I3048 Sackett 
18. Lyman, Myron Hine   d. 1877I3050 Sackett 
19. Lyman, Norman Sackett   d. 1875I3049 Sackett 
20. Newcomb, Lydia   d. 16 Nov 1808I3018 Sackett 
21. Sacket, Benjamin   d. 17 Jul 1844I3021 Sackett 
22. Sacket, Betsey   d. 19 Jan 1821I3795 Sackett 
23. Sacket, Emily Sibyl   d. 22 Feb 1882I3030 Sackett 
24. Sacket, Frances A.   d. 21 Sep 1851I3471 Sackett 
25. Sacket, Jennet Emeline   d. 9 Jun 1835I35568 Sackett 
26. Sacket, Jonathan   d. 1 Sep 1773I2712 Sackett 
27. Sacket, Jonathan   d. 3 Apr 1777I2716 Sackett 
28. Sacket, Julia H.   d. 19 Jun 1832I31522 Sackett 
29. Sacket, Justus   bur. 1846I3024 Sackett 
30. Sacket, Lodema   d. 5 Dec 1857I3772 Sackett 
31. Sacket, Lydia   d. 20 Mar 1813I3793 Sackett 
32. Sacket, Minerva   d. 3 Apr 1887I3463 Sackett 
33. Sackett, Alexander   d. 7 May 1829I4080 Sackett 
34. Sackett, Chester B.   d. 11 Mar 1813I35555 Sackett 
35. Sackett, Edward   d. 9 Nov 1861I3739 Sackett 
36. Sackett, Flora A.   d. 4 Jul 1894I3750 Sackett 
37. Sackett, Homer   d. 7 May 1853I3608 Sackett 
38. Sackett, Homer   d. 12 Jan 1871I3735 Sackett 
39. Sackett, Homer Skiff   d. 22 Dec 1899I3740 Sackett 
40. Sackett, Capt. Justus   d. 16 Mar 1815I3017 Sackett 
41. Sackett, Mary Joanna   d. 18 Feb 1894I3047 Sackett 
42. Sackett, Reuben Return   d. 5 Jul 1803I3799 Sackett 
43. Skiff, Flora   d. 9 Feb 1859I3736 Sackett 
44. Starr, Lucinda   d. 9 Mar 1843I19667 Sackett 
45. Strong, Charrie E.   d. 26 Dec 1890I3741 Sackett 
46. Swift, Robert   d. 1918I3751 Sackett 
47. Wadsworth, Mary   d. 15 Aug 1845I19576 Sackett 
48. ___, Patience   d. 8 May 1829I4081 Sackett 
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