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Introduction: In 1999, the members of RootsWeb's Sackett mailing list initiated a project to update and correct the information found in Charles Weygant's 1907 book The Sacketts of America and to add information for the lines which "daughtered out." In 2003, The Sackett Family Association was formed to assist researchers as they "Research, Share and Preserve" their Sackett information. For many years, this compilation and update effort was ably led by TSFA historian and Sackett descendant Thurmon King. This database contains all the individuals named in Weygant's book with added information from the many researchers who have shared their research with TSFA as entered by Thurmon and a few assisting members.

In April 2015, TSFA representatives acquired and began testing of a new multi-user database that will enable users to more easily contribute photographs and historical data. Public users may access the information without registering. Potential contributors are asked to register. Access to data on living individuals is restricted and will be displayed in trees as "Living." Note that this database focuses mostly on American lines. English lines are documented in another database that is available on the TSFA website.

Contributors and visitors are encouraged to join The Sackett Family Association. Please visit our website at

Database Status: Most data on American lines are available. Photos are added, and geocoding is completed for most locations and is in the process of being verified. Note that to take full advantage of features in the new system, events and cemetery data need to be added in a new way, which will require considerable time. The new software also is facilitating standardization of place names, spotting typographical errors, etc.

As of October 21, 2018, the database contains information about more than 52,000 individuals. The five largest lines or branches in the database are as follows:

  1. Thomas Sackett "the elder," born c1530 in Thanet, Kent, England. The database includes more than 18,600 of his descendants.
  2. Simon Sackett "the Colonist" (1595-1633), a grandson of Thomas the Elder, has more than 17,400 descendants in this database.
  3. John Sackett "the Colonist" (1623-1684) -- more than 3,500 descendants in the database
  4. Capt. Richard Sackett (c1678-1746) -- more than 2,200 descendants in the database
  5. Thomas Sackett (1718-1798) -- more than 800 descendants in the database

All other lines have fewer than 500 descendants in the database.

Regarding locations, historic place names are found in the notes and citations but usually have been converted to modern names for map display.

Please Note: The map display has been set to not load automatically; click on the "play" icon to load the map for any given individual. The administrators will be testing various settings, formats, and other options during the next few weeks.

The collected content at this site is The Sackett Family Association, 1999-2018

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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